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What are the costs associated with RebootGut's diet plans?

The cost of our diet plans depends on the program you select. Please get in touch with our customer support team for more information about our programs and their pricing..

What is the consultation fee?

30 mins Consultation with Senior nutrionist will cost a minor fee of 1000/- for 30 mins online / offline call (all - inclusive in the plan). A fee of 3000/- will be charged for 30 mins Consultation with Dt. Manpreet Kalra online / offline (non inclusive).

What Is The Duration Of The RebootGut Program?

Our signature program spans a transformative 12 weeks (3 months). But your journey to wellness is personal. Hence, we also curate bespoke plans for 6, 9, or even 12 months tailored to your unique needs..

Who Can Benefit From RebootGut’s Program?

Everybody! Regardless of age, gender, or health status, our program is your ticket to optimal gut health. Our philosophy is personalization - creating unique diet plans for individuals..

Does RebootGut's Program Target Specific Health Concerns?

Yes, RebootGut can help with specific health issues such as chronic diseases, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and digestive problems. With a personalized approach to nutrition, we create customized plans for each client based on their specific health needs and goals..

Is A Blood Test Necessary?

Yes, at RebootGut, we recommend that clients undergo blood work as part of our comprehensive approach to nutrition and wellness. Blood Work provides valuable insights into a person's health status, including nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and other underlying health conditions. As initial 15 days include detoxification of body so blood test can also be done after joining the program..

Does RebootGut Offer A Mobile Application For Users?

We offer a mobile application for our patients on iOS and Android-supported devices. Only users who have enrolled in our program can access the app..

Can I Follow A One-Time Plan To Get All The Results?

RebootGut does not offer one-time plans because healthy eating habits require ongoing support and guidance. Our programs focus on fostering lasting healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes rather than a quick fix..

I Travel A Lot For Work. How Can RebootGut Help In The Diet Of A Traveling Executive?

If, as a frequent traveler, you are worried that you will not be able to follow the strict regimen of the program – don't. We understand that travel can challenge healthy eating habits, but we will work with you to develop strategies for maintaining healthy habits while on the go. You would also be in touch with our nutritionist for any advice..

Can You Create A PCOS Diet Plan?

Yes, we can do so. Our team will work with you to craft a customized meal plan that addresses your unique needs. Expect to see lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and more in your diet. We may also suggest supplements and lifestyle changes to amplify your health..

How Often Do You Give A Cheat Meal?

We do not encourage cheat meals; we believe healthy eating should be a sustainable lifestyle rather than a temporary diet. Our meal plans are designed to provide a balanced and nutrient-dense diet that satisfies cravings while promoting overall health and wellness..

What Is The Success Rate Of RebootGut's Program?

While individual results can vary, we are proud to state that a significant number of our clients have experienced transformative improvements in their health. We encourage you to read some of our success stories listed on the site!.

How Is RebootGut Different From Other Diet Programs?

Our approach is deeply personal. We believe in bespoke plans catering to individual needs, preferences, and health goals. Our focus on gut health, backed by scientific research, distinguishes us from generic diet programs..



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