Dietitian Manpreet / RebootGut Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

RebootGut Healthcare Pvt Ltd. provides nutrition and diet consultancy which aims as improving the health status of the individual , however since human body and behaviour is complex we don’t guarantee the results.

The membership fee is non-extendable and non-refundable.

In view of the above policy, members are requested to avail consultations with regularity to benefit maximally.

The clients are requested to register only after a clear understanding of the process involved, as RebootGut Healthcare Pvt Ltd. cannot be held liable thereafter.

The membership can’t be cancelled or transferred.

The results vary according to the age, genetics, activity and gender.

Clients are requested to maintain regular contact with the Dietitian for the efficiency of the program.

Maximum Gaps/irregularities that can be adjusted in a month’s program can be upto 1 week/ 7 days, quarter’s plan can be upto 3 weeks/21 days , six month’s plan can be 4 weeks /28 days.

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